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Claim Experience Guarantee

Available in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario only

At Pembridge, we take pride in the quality of service we offer customers when they have an automobile insurance claim. From when you report the claim, to when you get your car back, we promise that you will receive professional, friendly and efficient service along the way. The Claim Experience Guarantee is a bold declaration of our confidence in how we care for and assist our customers and put them first when they need us most.   

With the Claim Experience Guarantee, we promise our customers that you will be satisfied with all aspects* of the service you receive during the handing of an automobile claim, or we will refund your premium with an amount equal to the total premium of the vehicle involved in the loss. There’s no limit to the credit amount we apply – it’s that simple. 


Premium Credit Eligibility Requirements 

You are eligible to receive a credit under the Claim Experience Guarantee Premium Credit provision if the following credit eligibility requirements are met:

  1. You are dissatisfied with any aspect* of the claims service you received for a loss covered under your auto policy. You do not need to tell us why you're unhappy, just provide us with a few details of what made your experience unsatisfactory, so that we will have the opportunity to implement necessary improvements to our process. Note the guarantee does not apply to dissatisfaction with decisions relating to coverage, the value of your claim, the settlement amount or fault determination or allocation. 
  2. Your policy is in force on the date of the covered loss.
  3. We have made payment to you or on your behalf for that covered loss.
  4. You have not previously benefitted from a credit or payment under the Claim Experience Guarantee Premium Credit provision in connection with that covered loss.
  5. You have not previously benefitted from a credit or payment under the Claim Experience Guarantee Premium Credit provision in connection with another covered loss occurring during the same policy period involving the same vehicle, and
  6. You have provided notice of your dissatisfaction with the claims experience to us, in writing within 180 days of the date of that covered loss.  Your notice must include your name, address, claim number, date of loss, phone number and the reason that you are dissatisfied with the claims experience. The required notice must be submitted by mail to our Claim Experience Guarantee Team at the following address:   

Pembridge Insurance Claim Experience Guarantee 
27 Allstate Parkway, Suite 100,
Markham, ON
L3R 5P8

We will issue a premium credit to you if you have met all of the Claim Experience Guarantee Premium Credit Eligibility Requirements listed above. We do not have to agree with the reason you provide in the notice as to why you're dissatisfied in order to issue a premium credit.

The premium credit value will be equal to the amount you pay for the vehicle involved in the covered loss for the term during which the claim occurred. 

This guarantee applies to personal auto insurance policies insured in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or Ontario only, and may be amended or terminated by us at any time. 


*Some eligibility rules vary by province. Please speak with your Insurance Broker for complete details.