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Community Support

Pembridge proudly supports the community through sponsorships and contributions to various charitable organizations across the country including Easter Seals, Operation Red Nose, P.R.O. Kids, Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade (WICC), and many others.


Pembridge Insurance Proudly Partners with Bridges to Community Canada 

Pembridge Insurance proudly supports Bridges to Community Canada, an organization who works to improve the quality of life for residents in habitable Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The need for suitable housing to withstand the weather and drinkable water is critical. With the assistance of volunteers and funding, Bridges to Community Canada works in local Nicaraguan communities to:

  • Build cinder-block houses that are earthquake and hurricane resistant
  • Dig wells and build water systems to deliver potable water to residents, and build latrines to improve sanitation
  • Construct classrooms, libraries and other school buildings, creating a safe and secure environment for learning to take place
  • Implement sustainable economic practices

Pembridge is not only committing to financial contribution, but staff members travel annually to Nicaragua to assist with building new homes and creating new lives for its residents. While we finance and build the homes, they are not free. Each family who receives one pays for it through a loan and also volunteers to help build homes for others in the community.

Pembridge Insurance is thrilled to support Bridges to Community Canada, Making a Concrete Difference in the World.