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Preparing Your Home for Fall

As the days start to get shorter, the air crisper, and leaves start their colourful transformation, make time to ensure your home is safe, secure and ready for cooler temperatures with these easy steps.

Outside the home

  1. Prevent drafts. Keep the chill in the air outside by sealing around windows and doors with spray foam, caulking or weather stripping to keep the cool air out.  Not only will your home be warmer, you’ll save money on energy bills.
  2. Gutters. Leaves don’t just collect on your lawns – they also fill your eaves troughs and downspouts. So clean them out to let water drain properly. If you use a ladder, practice ladder safety or hire a professional.
  3. Air Conditioners. Prepare your air conditioner for winter by asking a professional to properly power the unit down. Fully covering your air conditioner may trap moisture, so ask if a short cover, that just covers the top, is right for your unit in order to prevent leaves and debris from getting trapped inside.
  4. Get on top of roof issues. Is your roof in good repair? Hire a professional to check for signs of loose or missing shingles, especially after extreme weather.
  5. Turn off outside faucets. These pipes are susceptible to freezing, and could burst. Close shut-off valves to all outside faucets, and then turn on the outside faucets to allow them to drain properly.
  6. Rake, rake, rake. Piles of leaves can provide entertainment for little ones to jump in, but don’t keep them around too long. Leaves can kill your grass if left on the ground for an extended period. Rake them, bag them, and take them to the curb for pick up to keep your lawn healthy, or mulch them with a mower and shake them over your garden to improve soil fertility.
  7. Stow your tools and toys. Put away the lawn mower. Wipe gardening tools down and store them in a shed or garage. Also store patio furniture and children’s toys to protect them from the elements.
  8. Store firewood safely. Dry firewood should be stacked at least four to five metres away from your home.

Inside the home

  1. Check your detectors. Check that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order and replace the batteries as often as recommended by the manufacturer.
  2. Get your furnace winter ready. As cooler temperatures arrive, you’ll want to have your furnace serviced and the filter changed to make sure everything is running efficiently.
  3. Fireplace safety. Clear out ash and charred wood from the fireplace. While enjoying a fire, keep a glass or metal screen in front of your fireplace to help prevent sparks from flying. Also, have your chimney inspected and cleaned by a professional.
  4. Don’t forget your attic. Check your attic (or hire a professional) to make sure insulation is properly installed to prevent heat and moisture from escaping.

By taking these simple steps to ensure your home is ready for the upcoming cooler time of year, you can sit back, cozy up, and enjoy the season knowing your home is safe and sound.


Fort McMurray Wildfires | We Were There

On May 1, 2016, the residents of the municipality of Wood Buffalo in Northern Alberta were enjoying an early summer, with record breaking temperatures of 30° + and no sign of rain in the forecast. Little did they know their lives would be turned upside down in days to come.  A wildfire was beginning southwest of the city of Fort McMurray, and because of the hot, arid weather, there was no stopping its destructive path. On May 3rd a mandatory evacuation order was given for the town and over 100,000 residents were told to leave their homes, and leave quickly. People were displaced to evacuation centres and told to ‘wait and see’ what would happen next.

Over the coming days the fire would grow to 101,000 hectares, destroying almost everything it touched. And there was no rain in sight.

Read about how we were there to respond and support the victims of the wildfires through our cronilogical posts... Read More.


Fraudulent Cheques 

Some individuals and customers may have received what appears to be a cheque written by Pembridge or Pafco from “My Shop Inc.” or “Staple Research INC” (could now be under another name) citing payment for a mystery shopper program. Please note that these are not authorized company cheques nor are we affiliated with either company in any way. The cheques should NOT be deposited. To the best of our knowledge, this scam is focused in the GTA.

We take these types of scams very seriously and we have reported this fraudulent activity to the appropriate authorities. We recommend that any individual who receives this letter report it to the police.