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Broker Compensation Disclosure

Consumer Rights

Download a copy of the Code of Consumer Rights and Responsibilities.

Our company distributes insurance products and services through specially selected and licensed insurance brokers. These brokers are under contract with us and are required to provide professional advice and service to their customers in addition to facilitating the purchase of appropriate coverage to meet their clients' insurance needs.

In return for this service, contracted brokers are compensated on a commission basis. Brokers are required to disclose to their customer their commission earnings on any given policy if and when requested.

The commissions paid by our company to brokers are as follows:

  • Auto Insurance: 10% - 12.5% of the premiums under the policy
  • Personal Property Insurance: 20% of the premiums under the policy


We offer brokers additional, annual contingent commission based on continuous profit and growth. This commission can range from 2-4% of our earned premiums.

All brokers contracted to distribute our insurance products and services are expected to select products and services that reflect the best interests of their customers. We are proud of our commitment to underwrite home and automobile insurance through independent brokers in Canada.

We has no direct or indirect ownership interest in any insurance brokerage. Our company, in very select circumstances, will provide financial support to a brokerage in the form of a loan at market rates to support expansion of the business and to help preserve broker independence. In addition, the contract does not contain any form of business volume commitment that directly benefits the company.