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Many people question the need for insurance, insurance rates and coverage options. It is important to us that our valued customers understand insurance and how it works.

Automobile Insurance

In Canada, automobile insurance is a provincially regulated product required by law for all motorists. Although there are many insurance coverage options, motorists are only required to have the mandatory minimum coverages, among which the primary coverage would be Third Party Liability coverage. Insured's may wish to expand their coverage to include loss or damage to your vehicle including Specified Perils Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage, Collision or Upset Coverage, and All Perils Coverage. These additions are available through insurers at varying costs.

Each province sets guidelines to regulate insurance rates and the rights and responsibilities of insurers and claimants when dealing with statutory accident benefits claims relating to auto insurance. They are also responsible for developing rules pertaining to document filing, time limits and payment of fees and expenses.

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Property Insurance

Insurance is important for every property owner to carry. The right policy with adequate coverage can ensure you are compensated for a loss through replacement or reimbursement. Although not required by law, property insurance is regulated by each province as well to ensure all insurers comply with regulations.

Pembridge is pleased to offer consumers a broad range of property and automobile products from basic to premium coverage.


There are many myths associated with the insurance industry, we have addressed a few topics below.  If you have more questions please send us an email at

Q. How do you determine the price of auto insurance?

A. There are many elements which factor into the cost of auto insurance, below are a few factors which you can control to help lower your auto insurance premium.

  • The number of moving violations or tickets in the past 3 years, not including parking tickets

  • The number of at fault accidents or claims you have had in the last 10 years

  • The class of licence you hold and whether you have taken an approved Drivers Training Course

  • How long you have had your Drivers Licence

  • Where you live

  • How you use your vehicle, pleasure driving only without a commute to work or school, occasional business use or driving to and from work.

  • The type of vehicle you drive

  • The amount of insurance coverage and the deductible you choose, your independent insurance broker can help with that

Q. I’ve heard that a red car costs more to insure. Does the colour of my vehicle have an effect on my premium?

A. Simple answer is no. Auto insurance premiums are calculated on historical insurance claims data for every make, model and year of vehicles, this is known as CLEAR, Canadian Loss Experience Automobile Rating. The CLEAR system will look at how a vehicle performed in an accident, the likelihood of a particular make and model being stolen and the type and seriousness of injuries that a person sustained in an accident. To read more, click here.

Q. There’s been a lot of talk in the news lately about insurance fraud. How does that affect me?

A. There are different forms of insurance fraud but the one thing they have in common is insurance fraud is a crime and can contribute to increased insurance costs. Insurance is intended to provide peace of mind and to pay for legitimate losses. When an Insurance company pays a fraudulent claim it is taking money from honest people who have paid premiums based on statistical data.

Common types of fraud may include

  • Inflating the cost of repair or the cost to replace of property

  • Staging accidents

  • Omitting vital information about insurance history such as previous insurance claims or accidents, speeding tickets, cancellations for non-payment of premium or any facts required by the Insurance Company

  • False advertising scams – selling invalid insurance

  • Receiving payment for non-existent medical treatments

For more information on how you can help eliminate fraud visit the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Q. Why is my home valued so much different on my property insurance policy then what I could sell it for?

A. The value of your home is the cost to rebuild that structure and does not include the cost of the land nor does it take into account the same factors as real estate or market values. The cost to rebuild your home for insurance purposes also looks at the cost of demolition and debris removal. Contact your independent Insurance Broker who has access to tools that can effectively calculate the rebuilding or replacement cost of your home and ensure you have the right coverage in place.

Q. I’m renting do I really need insurance?

A. Yes you do. Insurance is not only to provide protection for a claim on a house but your home whether you live in an apartment, a condo or a single family dwelling. A property insurance policy provides protection against loss or damage to your contents or personal property such as electronics, furniture, dishes everything you own. There is also protection for claims arising out of your legal liability to others for Bodily Injury and Property damage.

Q. Friends say that I should have sewer backup coverage on my property policy but I’m on a septic system and not on a sewer system. I don’t need that, do I?

A. Protection against sewer backup is an optional coverage which can be purchased for an extra cost. Sewer backup coverage will protect against damages caused by the escape of water from a sewer, drain, sump and septic tank; yes your friends are right.

When the city or municipal drainage system overflows, water can back up through the pipes and into your home most commonly due to a large amount of water from a rainfall or snow melting overwhelming the system. This water can cause serious damage to walls, carpets, furniture including the growth of mold which can affect your health.

Contact your Independent Insurance Broker to review your coverage including sewer backup.