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How do I sign up for My_BRIDGE?

You can sign up for the My_BRIDGE program by contacting your Broker. Any new business or renewal customer who is insured with Pembridge, has a smart phone (iPhone or Android) which has a data plan, and who has an active email address is eligible to enroll in the My_BRIDGE program.

Is there a cost to sign up for the My_BRIDGE program?

The entire My_BRIDGE program, including the App, is completely free.

Can I opt out of the program at any time?

A customer can cancel their participation in the My_BRIDGE program at any time by notifying their Broker or by calling My_BRIDGE Support at 1-866-320-4622. A letter will be sent to the customer confirming they are no longer enrolled in the program. Your policy will be updated to remove any My_BRIDGE discount and a revised policy will be provided, to confirm any change in premium.

Can my insurance premiums increase as a result of participation in the My_BRIDGE program?

No. The My_BRIDGE program will not increase your premium.

What data is collected through the My_BRIDGE program to determine my discount?

Speed: A driver’s speed impacts the ability to react safely in a potential collision situation and also influences the severity of a collision. The program measures the number of kilometres driven that are OVER a speed of 125 km per hour.

Time of Day Driven: Certain hours of the day and evening are riskier than others. Exposure to impaired/tired drivers, for example, is elevated between the hours of 11pm – 4am on weekdays and 11pm and 5am on weekends.

Frequency of Hard Braking Events: Hard or extreme breaking (a drop of 13 km/hour in 1 second), and the frequency thereof, is an indication of unsafe driving behaviour. Those who tend to often break hard can be considered as aggressive or less attentive drivers.

What happens to the data that is collected?

At Pembridge Insurance, respecting and protecting the customer’s privacy is of utmost importance. Your personal information, including information collected through the My_BRIDGE program, is completely confidential. Data collected via this program is not stored indefinitely and will never be used for any purpose other than consideration of a discount. To review these privacy standards and promises, please review our privacy policy .

Will the data be used in Pembridge claim handling?

No. Data collected by the My_BRIDGE device will not be used to settle a Pembridge claim. By law, Pembridge is required to release any information collected by the App to law enforcement or related matters before the courts.

What information is collected as part of the phone handling feature?

The phone handling feature is for informational purposes only and provides participants of the My_BRIDGE program with insights into their distracted driving tendencies.  When the vehicle is in motion, the My_BRIDGE app will record when a user locks or unlocks their phone, scrolls, types, and accepts incoming or makes outgoing calls.  

How will the information from the phone handling feature be used?

The information will be processed by our third party partners. This will give users a summary of events to help identify distracted driving habits that they may not be fully aware are happening. This information will help users  to improve and become safer drivers. The data will be retained for a period while you remain in this program (for as long as is reasonable for legal and business purposes).

Will data captured via the phone handling feature be used to calculate my My_BRIDGE Discount?

No, phone handling events are not used for the purpose of calculating your My_BRIDGE Discount. They are only used  to provide users with insights into potential distracted driving tendencies.  See the My_BRIDGE Customer Agreement for further details on what data elements are used to calculate your score.

What if I am a passenger in a car, what type of information will be collected as part of the phone handling feature?

If you are a passenger, the My_BRIDGE app will still record events while the car is in motion whenever the passenger physically locks or unlocks the phone, scrolls, types, and accepts incoming or makes outgoing calls.  If you were not the driver of a trip, you can select “passenger” for that trip in the Trip Audit menu.

If I give my phone to a passenger, will the phone handling events still be collected?

Yes, the phone handling events will still be collected, but are for your information only and do not impact the calculation of the My_BRIDGE Discount.

Will using Bluetooth or hands-free/face unlock features be counted as a Phone handling event?

Yes, hands-free and face unlock actions are captured as phone handling events in the app. We suggest users set up and use their music or navigation apps before they drive.

Will the phone handling feature know who I spoke with or who called me?

No, the phone handling feature only captures the action of physically handling the phone to answer or make a call.