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Insurance Industry

Many people question the need for insurance, insurance rates and coverage options. It is important to us that our valued customers understand insurance and how it works.

Automobile Insurance

In Canada, automobile insurance is a provincially regulated product required by law for all motorists. Although there are many insurance coverage options, motorists are only required to have the mandatory minimum coverages, among which the primary coverage would be Third Party Liability coverage. Insured's may wish to expand their coverage to include loss or damage to your vehicle including Specified Perils Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage, Collision or Upset Coverage, and All Perils Coverage. These additions are available through insurers at varying costs.

Each province sets guidelines to regulate insurance rates and the rights and responsibilities of insurers and claimants when dealing with statutory accident benefits claims relating to auto insurance. They are also responsible for developing rules pertaining to document filing, time limits and payment of fees and expenses.

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Property Insurance

Insurance is important for every property owner to carry. The right policy with adequate coverage can ensure you are compensated for a loss through replacement or reimbursement. Although not required by law, property insurance is regulated by each province as well to ensure all insurers comply with regulations.

Pembridge is pleased to offer consumers a broad range of property and automobile products from basic to premium coverage.